On the Beach


Nothing like the ocean to make you feel small. Just returned from a trip to the Dominican with my boyfriend. A great time for us to relax, recharged, and deepens our connection. It’s amazing what you can still manager to learn about each other even after 8 years. Guess it’s a bit like the ocean…deep and filled with mystery waiting to be discovered. >


Tiger, again


Tiger returns with her sweet lovey stare. Something about those big eyes just make it seem like she’s drawing you in and you can’t help it! Then she’ll go off and do something annoying. Like eat your yogurt and steal a piece of your scrambled egg at breakfast. Again, the love-hate relationship continues.



My rock

It’s important in life to stay grounded. I’m someone who tends to have a lot of energy, get excited about things easily, and multitasks like crazy. But I’ve learned lately about the importance of silence and staying grounded and finding that stillness inside me. I hold on to a lot of things, some things I just need to let go.

My boyfriend is my rock. He is such a gentle and calm soul and he brings me peace. He inspires me to find that stillness and to take a breath when things get crazy. He is my center and keeps me grounded. This is me catching him on one of his moments of just appreciating the world around him while walking through the park.

Ah, New York City


View from the American Museum of Natural History

My first trip to New York and I’m in love. My boyfriend brought me here to celebrate my 25th birthday and its been such a great experience to explore the city together. Here is a view of the skyline from the American Museum of Natural History.

The movement of our time.

We Day 2013

We Day 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a corporate volunteer at Free the Children’s We Day 2013. It was a stadium-sized event to celebrate the actions that youth have taken to support their local and global communities. They call it the movement of our time. A movement of changemakers and youth who strive to create a better future. With incredible talent at the show, including Martin Luther King III, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Col. Chris Hadfield, Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, and more, this event was truly inspiring and full of positive energy.

It’s interesting how life comes full circle sometimes. 10 years ago, I took part in a leadership training camp organized by Free the Children and back then, the organization was quite small and tight-knit. I then went on to become a youth motivational speaker and youth-in-action group director during my high school years and these experiences led me to major in International Development in university. Now, as I’m establishing my career, I got the opportunity to support my long-time favourite cause once more. From a small tight-knit organization, it has now grown to become an international charity and educational partner, with more than 1.7 million youth involved in our innovative education and development programs in 45 countries. Craig and Marc Kielburger, the two founding brothers, however, continue to have the same charisma, passion, and dedication. A true testament to the notion that when you believe in something so fiercely, you can and will move mountains to create change and build a movement.

For those interested, you can learn more about Free the Children at www.freethechildren.com.